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Happy is your relentlessly cheerful imaginary friend (voiced by the inimitable Patton Oswalt)!

Based on the slightly twisted and slightly heartwarming SYFY series HAPPY!. Facebook users can see how they look donning the iconic scarf and beat-up appearance of the shows main character Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni), while getting adorable commentary from his flying blue imaginary sidekick Happy!

Also as an iOS app
Happy! AR

Where we're going,

there are no roads...

Pushing the limits of Facebook's in-app camera, fans can experience being Nick Sax. Using augmented reality, Nick's little blue buddy, Happy, comes to life with amazing animation and custom lines recorded by the voice of Happy, Patton Oswalt.

  • Fantastic Happy animations
  • 21 Unique lines (voice by Patton Oswalt)
  • Randomized Nick Sax face effects
  • Iconic seasonal scarf

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