Happy! AR

Happy is a delightful little ball of funshine and your new imaginary friend!

Happy (voiced by Patton Oswalt) is here to fly, flounce, and flit around your surroundings. He can sing, he can dance, he can make pancakes, he can even poop! Ask Happy questions, play with him, and shoot video of your interactions. You'll never need to talk to a real friend again!

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Happy! AR

Better Together

For two consecutive seasons, Glimpse has partnered with NBC Universal's SYFY Digital and Axis Animation to bring the spunky character of Happy out of the hit television show and into your mobile device.

Using the latest in augmented reality, the HAPPY! AR app for iOS has allowed hundreds of thousands of fans to engage with Happy in their own space and share the experience with friends!

HAPPY! AR has elevated engagement with the show's audience and provides a fun, social, and experiencial channel to promote the show and connect with fans.

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Happy! AR app